2021 Training Programs

2021 Training Programs 

Announcement regarding 2021 Winter Training Programs

After much thought and consideration, we are not going to move forward with Winter 2021 training programs as originally planned (WalkFit, No Boundaries, 10K Finish, 10K Fast).   Unfortunately, circumstances related to the pandemic continue to create challenges for hosting successful programs.  The past year has caused us to think differently, be flexible, and evolve our way of doing business in so many ways.  Cancelling the upcoming programs as they were designed is a necessary adjustment for us.  But we also know, truly, RUNNING IS NOT CANCELLED.

Even while events continue to be cancelled or rescheduled and personal schedules remain fluid to adjust to changes in day-to-day life, we remain committed to offering training options that suit the growing variety of needs we see in the running community.  So, while we are moving away from our traditional programming and structure, WE ARE LAUNCHING a new, more versatile and personally customizable platform that will allow you to continue to enjoy the traditional benefits of our programming – expert coaching, group workouts and COMMUNITY (something we all need now, more than ever). 

We Run Winston, which was created several years ago to engage with and connect local runners to each other, will remain the umbrella platform for our training programs and group runs.  We will be adding multiple workout opportunities to the existing WRW calendar, including coached sessions and coordinated/supported distance workouts.  We will also be adding strength and flexibility options, as we all recognize the importance of completely conditioning the body for peak performance.  Details are being finalized, and will include a variety of free, WRW members only and pay per session group training events.  With no specific start or finish dates and no one target race, athletes will be able tailor the training for their own purposes, and goals.  And, most importantly you will be challenged to push yourself physically, no matter your level of fitness - this has and always will be a signature of Fleet Feet and We Run Winston training.

We are finalizing details over the next week and look forward to unveiling all of the details of the program to help you be your best in 2021.  We will be releasing more information and a finalized schedule in the coming weeks, and we do expect that the training will begin the same week as the originally scheduled 5K and 10K programs.

We apologize for any disappointment regarding this decision the program for which you registered or indicated interest.  But we assure you, if you stick with us and stay tuned for WRW 2.0, you will be pleased with what we have ahead for you.  Please contact us directly with questions.  If you were registered, you will receive a refund to the credit card you used to pay for your registration via Captyn.

Looking forward to running with you,

Austen, Keith & Emily