What is WRW?

WE RUN WINSTON has one goal:  grow the Winston-Salem fitness community

We do this in a number of ways:

By joining WRW you will be getting a number of benefits to motivate you in joining our efforts!  Here is how it works:

  • Membership Fee:  $25 membership fee includes a Brooks technical WRW Run this Town Shirt
  • All memberships are valid for the current calendar year.  Members will rejoin each new year.
  • Get a WRW key tag.  This identifies you as a WRW member to our local partners and also serves as your barcode to “check in” at events.
  • Receive a $5 discount at each of our six We Run Winston races
  • Earn points at EVERY WRW Race, group run, fun run, and event!
  • Receive “We Run Winston” Bucks as you earn and accumulate points for cool WRW merchandise!
  • Connect with other fitness enthusiasts through our closed FaceBook Group.  This Facebook group is only available to current and prior year WRW members and training program participants. 
  • Enjoy group runs, social events, local races, and much more! 
We Run Winston is about community, a sense of belonging to a special community of runners and walkers, and advertising this awesome community to others! Therefore we do require that WRW shirts be worn at WRW local races and at WRW volunteering opportunities in order to get point credit.  How will others know who is part of the WRW community unless it's obvious?  Any WRW shirt is fine- even from prior years. The newest WRW shirts (that are part of the $25 membership for 2019) are either pink or royal blue and are Brooks technical shirts.  

WRW is all about getting folks moving and having fun!  Whether you are a walker, a runner, or a passionate volunteer, we want YOU to be part of the WE in WE RUN WINSTON.

Frequently Asked Questions