How to Earn MILES

ELIGIBILITY: Members and non-Members alike will be able to attend events, check in and earn MILES.  Miles earned for check-ins as well as miles run/walked during the event will be eligible for special prizes and sweepstakes, all redeemable through the Fleet Feet App.  Certain prizes will be available for all app users, whether they are WRW members or not.  We Run Winston members, however, will be eligible to redeem prizes and enter sweepstakes that are restricted and only available to the current members.  Membership will definitely have its privileges!

DO YOU NEED TO HAVE THE FLEET FEET APP?: Yes.  Fleet Feet, Incorporated launched the new app across the Fleet Feet system in November 2018.  This new app allows us to provide better incentives to WRW members, and all our customers.  The old We Run Winston “Points” are now being calculated as “MILES” through the Fleet Feet Rewards app.  Through the app you have the ability to view/manage your own miles account, see events and redeem prizes.

MILES vs. POINTS: Within the FF Rewards app, there are 2 main ways to earn 'points':

  1. “MILES” are earned based on event attendance, volunteering at local events and even running or walking (if you connect your account to Garmin or Strava).  MILES can be redeemed for special prizes and sweepstakes. 
  2. “POINTS” are also tracked in the app, and are earned based on purchases made in the store or online.  POINTS are only earned through purchases and only redeemable as loyalty rewards to be spent in the store/online at

POINT STRUCTURE: Miles for We Run Winston activities will be awarded as follows:

  • WRW Weekly Runs – 5 Miles for checking In
  • WRW Fun Run Events – 20 miles for checking in
  • WRW Signature Races – 40 miles for checking in
  • Volunteering – 50 miles (will be added by event administrator)
  • AND, every mile walked/run at any event (or otherwise) also earns a mile in the app! (E.G. – if you check in at a Wednesday run and run 3 miles, you earn 8 miles in the app)

PRIZES AND SWEEPSTAKES: Within the app, review available rewards to see what you can redeem miles for.  This list is continuously updated and includes national as well as Winston-Salem specific prizes and sweepstakes.  All Fleet Feet app users can earn miles and will have access to certain prizes and sweepstakes.  We are working with Fleet Feet Incorporated to offer Winston-Salem specific prizes.  Eventually, We Run Winston members will see rewards that non-members will not have access to.

  • Current Prize examples:
    • FF Boco Trucker Hat – 200 miles
    • FF Camp Mug – 100 miles
    • WRW Memberships – 250 miles

REDEEMING FOR PRIZES AND SWEEPSTAKES: All redemptions will be initiated by the customer, through the FF Rewards App.  You need to 'redeem' your MILES through the app before you can accept any prizes at the store.

How we are handling 2019 WRW points that were earned before we changed over to the FF App system:  

WRW Points for checking in at WRW events from Wednesday, January 2 through Saturday , February 17 have or will be added to individual accounts.  Only accounts with an active FF Rewards account at the time of the change will retro-actively receive points.  You must have either signed in on a paper waiver/check-in sheet OR checked in through Fitvil to be retroactively awarded points for the events during this time period. 

MEMBERSHIPS: We Run Winston memberships are still sold and maintained through Fitvil, but the incentive system will now be managed entirely through the FF Rewards app.  Be sure to search for the “Fleet Feet Rewards” app in your app store and download it ASAP.  Any Fleet Feet staff member can help you with this if you have questions.

Beginning Wednesday, February 20 and going forward, all event check-ins for the purpose of earning miles must be made through the Fleet Feet Rewards app.  If you don’t check in through the app, we will not be able to award miles for that event. Non-WRW members will need to check in and sign the liability waiver at every event attended in addition to checking in on the FF Rewards app.