PRE-hab your Run!

Join us on February 10th at 6PM to PREHAB your Run!  As we gear up for No Boundaries (couch to 5K program) you will learn importan information to get your body ready for the sport of running!  

Sara Lester, physical therapist, will lead the workshop.  Running is one of the most popular, and our FAVORITE exercise on the planet here at Fleet Feet Winston-Salem!  It also is an exercise that puts high load and force on the body that can lead to injury and impact your training and performance.  It is important to:

1.) Have the right shoes and inserts
2.) Start with a proper warmup
3.) Strengthening and stretch the most important muscle groups

We are committed to healthy runners, so we have partnered with the Personalized Physical Therapy and Wellness to teach you how to PREHAB your RUN.  Join us at 6PM on February 10th at Fleet Feet to learn how to PREHAB your RUN.  Wear clothing that allows you to participate and this active workshop.