Walk Fit 2021

Walk Fit


What is WalkFIT?  Walkfit is an introductory program to get you active and fit by walking. WalkFIT is strictly walking and perfect for the beginner. It helps participants take the first steps to a healthy lifestyle.

Who should join WalkFIT? WalkFIT is a beginner program that helps you take the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle. WalkFIT is an excellent choice if you are currently inactive and want to improve your fitness level and overall health. You will meet wonderful fitness friends and enjoy working out in a supportive and motivational environment. At Fleet Feet Winston-Salem, we are passionate about helping you get fit, and walking is an excellent low impact activity to do that!

Join us twice a week (you will be asked to pick AM or PM for the Tuesday each week) to walk and focus on starting off the new year in a positive way! 

Group workout times:  Either Tuesdays at 9:30AM or 6PM (you will pick either AM or PM in advance each week) AND Saturdays at 9AM
Registration Fee: $75
Informational Meeting: January 5th 7PM