Triathlon 101 - Summer 2022

Tri 101 is designed to help the beginner to the sport of triathlon get ready for race day. Over the course of 8 weeks we will help you prepare for the swim, bike, and run.

If you have ever, even just for a moment, considered participating in a triathlon...then this program is for you. We are partnering with the YMCA and Ken's Bike Shop to get you ready for all three sport disciplines.

You will be ready for the Smiley Triathlon on Sunday, July 24th!

The Smiley Sprint Triathlon continues the tradition of triathlon in the Forsyth County/Winston-Salem Area. The “Smiley” concept recognizes the life and mission of Richard Smiley. For those that knew Richard, “Smiley” is in recognition of his spirit and giving heart to our community. For those who didn’t know him, “Smiley” means we are going to have a happy day of health and fitness for all (Richard would have it no other way!). This race is a non-profit event. 

The race distances are 300 meter pool swim (Clemmons West pool), 12 mile bike through the Clemmons West neighborhoods, and a 5K run.

Enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of the Tri 101 Training Program as you prepare for a great sprint triathlon. Nervous about the swim? Not sure how to set up in transition? Not sure about the rules? Don't worry! Our coaches and mentors will help you train both physically and mentally. You will arrive on race day confident and well prepared with a group of friends who have worked together throughout training.

First Practice: Tuesday May 31st
Race Date: Sunday July 24th, Smiley Triathlon

Training program registration fee: $175 (does not include race fee)
Race Fee:  Tri 101 participants will be offered a discount rate of $65 (normal rate is $80) + the required $15 USAT insurance fee.  All Tri101 participants will be given a coupon code to use for registration as we get closer to race day.
Group Workouts:  Tuesday at 6PM & Saturday at 8AM
Swim clinics will be held at the Fulton YMCA (thank you TYDE!) and bike clinics will be in partnership with Ken's Bike Shop.
The training plan will included a mix of swim, bike, and run workouts.  As you approach race day there will be brick workouts (bike + run) and race course previews.
Please visit Ken's Bike Shop for a bike tune-up if you haven't ridden your bike in a while.  They can also help you locate a used or new bike if you are in need of one!