2023 Training Program Update


We have decided to cancel No Boundaries for Spring 2023 and will be putting a long term pause on training programs going forward.  While we had good particiation in 2022 No Boundaries programs, we have struggled to generate the participation in beginner training for 2023.   I know this will disappoint/frustrate people- I assure you that we are equally frustrated and disappointed.  Just 8 years ago we had 200 people registered in our No Boundaries program and 50 on a wait list!  But things are different now.  There are many programs/gyms/opportunities that didn't exist before.  Boot camps, clinics, brewery run groups- so many great opportunities that create welcoming enviroments for both beginner and advanced runners.  And..many are free.  In order to cover the insurance, coach, shirts, and other administrative requirements- we need a minimum of 40 people in a program just to breakeven.  That benchmark keeps getting harder and harder to attain.

So for 2023 we are going to refocus our efforts on supporting runners where they already are.  We will be hosting fun runs at both Winston-Salem/Clemmons locations with a new spirit and energy to keep them fresh and fun.  We will offer free group runs on Saturday mornings and will change the location up from week to week to keep people engaged. 

We have owned this business for almost 17 years.  The game keeps changing, and evolving with it is the only way to keep moving forward.   So, we will refocus, evolve, and put our resources and energy into the greater running community and all that makes it so special. 

-Emily & Keith