Run Free


Run Free Challenge:

Welcome to the 2020 Run Free Virtual Running Challenge. Though we have not been able to meet together, it is our passion to continue to inspire, to empower, and to change you! We had an absolute blast designing and competing in the Lockdown Throwdown Challenges and we cannot wait to keep this thing going with another challenge to finish off the summer.

This is a point-based challenge focusing on running, cross training and community outreach.
You will have the opportunity to earn:
9 points per week for running
4 points per week for cross-training
5 points per week for community outreach
2 points per week for brain training 

Total opportunity for 20 points per week 

Running Challenges:  You can earn credit for 3 runs per week at 3 points per run. The run workouts will be assigned weekly and will include one of each of the following types of training:

1) Long Slow Distance. One run will always be a longer run, to be completed at "Easy Pace."  The distance will be specific to your training goals. We will use percentages to help you calculate your distance and pace. This aspect of the challenge will develop your endurance.

2) Speed Work. Each week will include a speed-based workout. 

3) Challenge Run. The Challenge Workout is going to be just that - a fun challenge!  These workouts will keep our training fun and creative

Cross Training Challenges:  You can also earn credit for 2 cross-training sessions per week at 2 points per session. These sessions will be selected from the Together We Move videos available through the Fleet Feet app. 

Community ChallengesYou can earn 5 points per week for a community challenge. These will include some of our community partners and will vary week to week! Examples would include: purchasing food/beverage at a local establishment or picking up trash at a park.  We want to do our best to support local and small businesses as well as places that we are blessed to use as runners in the community.

Brain Training ChallengesYou can earn 2 points per week for brain training (mental training for runers). Knowing why you are doing certain things is super important in your success and completion of your goals. We will be posting a video or article every week that relates back to our running or cross-training efforts! Our goal is that you come out of this challenge learning something new every week!

Claiming Your Points: Record your completed challenges every week at the Run Free web page.  We will total your points and maintain the leaderboard.  There will be weekly, monthly and overall prizes.  

The Run Free Challenge GRAND PRIZE (Most points overall for the entire challenge):
First Place: THERAGUN G4 Pro  ($600 value)
Second Place: Garmin Forerunner 245 ($300 value)
Third Place: Aftershokz Headphones ($120 value)

We have developed a Goal and Pace Summary and a spreadsheet to help you track your points every week. The spreadsheet is a tool for you to use, you will not be required to submit it. Using points will allow us to level the playing field so that anyone can win! You don't have to be the fastest or the strongest, you just have to put in the work! We will use the We Run Winston website to post the point leaderboard every week and will also use Facebook to post images and use the appropriate hashtags.  We will ask you to post Strava or Garmin activities and post them to We Run Winston. Keith and Austen will go live every Wednesday to announce challenges for the week and answer any questions. 

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